Top Paintball Guns in the World

Top Paintball Guns in the World


The Spyder Victor is a mechanical section level paintball weapon ideal for those simply beginning, needing a solid alternative for their first buy. The self-loader esteem decision is fabricated by Kingman, who’ve been in the amusement for more than ten years. They offer a wide assortment of moderate, amazing items so players can contend while not breaking their bank. The Spyder Victor is anything but difficult to clean and repair, which is advantageous seeing as will probably harm it than not. The loader is situated on the firearm, guaranteeing players don’t need to stress over dropping ammunition while circling.


The Tippmann 98 has been being used since 1998 and in the event that you’ve at any point leased a paintball weapon chances are it was this one. In spite of the fact that it’s ordinarily seen as an apprentices weapon, the Tippmann 98’s sturdiness is unbelievable. These models are regularly leased a few times each day, so considering the normal paintball player may go out and play a couple of times each month, there’s probably it can stand its ground in many conditions. Be that as it may, a best aspect concerning the Tippmann 98 must be its adaptability. Mods of this model are quite simple to discover, opening up a radical new universe of potential outcomes for clients.


This is another strong passage level weapon that can be a stellar get for tenderfoots and veterans also. GOG’s eNMEy is a forte weapon that is most appropriate for players keen on speedball. It’s an amazingly exact firearm, with exceptionally negligible blockage. In addition, the jolt can be evacuated whenever lessening the odds of balls getting slashed. The eNMEy has less moving parts than most firearms available, and keeping in mind that this may sound terrible it just implies that there are less parts that players are required to clean. While it may not be viewed as a top of the line weapon, a portion of the components said above are accessible in many best paintball firearms making this one a genuine value for your money.


Another Tippmann weapon – this time a model more qualified for somewhat more moderate players – the X7 Phenom is another profoundly adaptable firearm best utilized for Woodsball and Mil-Sim. Since there’s for all intents and purposes no kickback, the X7 is extraordinarily exact accordingly. With a terminating rate of 20 BPS and a scope of up to 150 feet it can hit various focuses without hardly lifting a finger. It’s additionally outfitted with “E-grasp” which enables players to flick a switch and effectively enter semi mode full auto and full pre-programmed message modes. Like most Tippmann weapons, the X7 Phenom is very adjustable (counting the M16 you see above) and enables players to explore different avenues regarding an extensive variety of alternatives.

11. Risky POWER G5

The Dangerous Power G5 is an electro-pneumatic firearm more qualified for speedball players. While it is viewed as a beginner\intermediate weapon, it’s a perfect decision for players hoping to experience the competition scene. The G5 itself is anything but difficult to keep up and the group at Dangerous rushes to react to customers inquiries and concerns. All alone, the G5 is now entirely precise and keeping in mind that you can’t do much regarding modding including another barrel will do ponders for an effectively exact weapon. The low cost alongside its unwavering quality and reduced outline make the Power G5 an extraordinary choice for any focused player.

10. Color PROTO RAIL

The Dye Proto Rail firearm is ideal for the individuals who need to get to one-up on players who utilize rentals or are considering entering a few competitions. It offers competition mode switches and in addition an auto fire highlight and leaves a lot of space for finger splashing. On the off chance that looked after effectively, it parts can keep going for quite a long time without being substituted and will keep going for more than 500,000 shots. Aside from that the Proto Rail includes a lightweight aluminum body that is agreeable and assists with portability. What’s more it’s moderate and offers a ton of similar elements more costly weapons do.

9. Domain SNIPER

No, the Empire Sniper doesn’t really resemble a genuine expert marksman rifle. In spite of what you may have been anticipating from the name, the weapon looks awesome and can withstand a huge number of various climate conditions. Equipped towards competition players, the Sniper has awesome adjust taking into account exact shots. It may be a pump demonstrate yet it’s thought to be on an indistinguishable level from a ton of self-loader markers. Players can re-cockerel the weapon while as yet pointing its barrel at restricting targets, possibly sparing them after all other options have been exhausted. All things considered, the Empire Sniper is extraordinary at what it does, and isn’t excessively expensive for those eager, making it impossible to spend only somewhat more on a higher end firearm.

8. Domain Ax

This one is well known among tenderfoots and stars, in spite of the to some degree powerful sticker price. The Empire Ax is another weapon that is ideal for speedball and comes finish with a framework that enables clients to degas it effortlessly, not worrying about battling when removing the air tank. It’s truly easy to wipe and emits essentially no backlash, making shots more exact. This is terrible news for anybody on the opposite side of the barrel. Particularly if the restricting player has had it changed to 300 fps. What’s more is its notoriety for not hacking balls, which means it squanders less paintballs and spares them up for more profitable employments.


Another firearm most appropriate for Mil-Sim, Tiberius Arms’ T9.1 Elite looks as like a real damn rifle and keeping in mind that it fortunately isn’t as risky as a genuine one it can destroy contradicting players. With this child in their grasp, players can go about things two ways. They can precisely and fastidiously stalk their prey, sitting tight for the correct minute to jump – or they can go in firearms blasting and do their best Battlefield impression to hit anything that moves. Their call. As a result of its high exactness rate alongside different accessible mods, the T9.1 Elite is a marksman’s fantasy firearm.


The Planet Eclipse Ego 11 is a weapon more qualified and favored by cutting edge paintball players – and it’s not on the grounds that it looks lovely. Since the firearm’s jolt moves slower than different weapons, there’s not as much kickback, making shots extremely smooth. Extra elements incorporate a LED screen, effectively movable settings and a lightweight casing. The nature of the weapon, alongside its exactness and unwavering quality, settle on it a best decision for a wide range of players, insofar as they’re willing to spend a bigger than normal measure of cash on it. The principal Ego was discharged in 2005 and they’ve quite recently been improving from that point forward. This is no special case.


A relative of the Ego, the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 is a speedball claim to fame weapon that comes in at only a squeeze pricier than its partner. The Geo 3.5 is a stage up from more established models in the arrangement, beating them easily. It’s a top of the line marker and is unfathomably predictable with its shots. While a player’s precision varies from individual to individual the Geo 3.5 can pull off similar shots over and over. Control on this firearm is extraordinary notwithstanding when terminating from a separation. The Geo 3.5 gives competition players the two tenderfoots and encountered a dependable apparatus that will keep going them quite a while.

4. DLX LUXE 2.0

The DLX Luxe 2.0 is thought to be one of the best out there, a close immaculate paintball firearm. While it is greatly expensive, veterans will comprehend what they’re getting in it. The Luxe 2.0 is a standout amongst the most dependable weapons available and offers smooth cycling alongside an as good as ever circuit board permitting longer battery utilization in the middle of diversions. It’s additionally exceptionally easy to understand and to a great degree simple to program. The most up to date form – the Luxe 2.0 OLED – incorporates a LED screen on the weapons hold making programming the thing much less demanding.

3. Color DAM

This is the best weapon out there for anybody keen on Mil-Sim. The Dye DAM resembles the genuine article, as well as it has a lot of chomp to go down the bark. It has a sustain exchanging framework that enables players to effectively roll out the improvement between magazine nourished and container encouraging whenever amid an amusement. It likewise accompanies a double estimated magazine that gives players a chance to utilize .68 gauge paintballs and first strike paintballs. Its aluminum body is unfathomably lightweight making it perfect for those wishing to be productive while moving. The DAM is surely one of the best – and most costly – paintball weapons available today.

2. Color DM14

Color Matrix weapons have been around for some time now and are for the most part thought to be top notch hardware. The DM14 is a peaceful and smooth firearm that is anything but difficult to keep up and program. Low force makes it a breeze to shoot, and it comes completely outfitted with a portion of the Dye DAM’s elements, for example, the bolster exchanging framework and the double estimated magazines. At the touch of a catch it can change from self-loader to three round blasted to completely programmed. That is quite advantageous in case you’re attempting to hit a moving focus in a hurry.


This is a standout amongst the most costly weapons you can purchase and it’s justified, despite all the trouble. Realm attempted their hand at a top of the line competition paintball firearm and it worked out flawlessly. The Vanquish comes finish with temperature settings enabling players to alter on the fly, and the capacity to associate it to outside gadgets keeping in mind the end goal to get updates and setting changes. An exactness issue at this level would be exasperating. Fortunately the Vanquish has awesome exactness alongside a cool plan and happy with dealing with guaranteeing players can go up against any test that anticipates them on the combat zone effortlessly.


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