TechT Lightening Rod to upgrade the Tippmann Cyclone Feed System



The Lightening Rod is designed to work at the side of our Vortex Mod and Fast Exhaust Piston Housing. In combination, the portions will yield upper rates of fireplace, and increased air potency. The name of the game to the efficiency gains is the brass bushing positioned where the ratchet and piston rod met. The bushing isn’t visible on this picture, however can be in footage to come back. The Lightening Rod is product of anodized billet aluminum, and incorporates a self lubricating brass bushing. The up to date adjustments have been made to the Lightening Rod in an effort to build up its efficiency and sturdiness. The latest Lightening Rods are product of stronger aluminum and not use roller bearings. We feel that these adjustments will greatly build up the efficiency and sturdiness out at the field. This phase in conjunction with the entire Cyclone upgrades will work on any X7, A5 and ninety eight’s.