TechT Gun Sav Grease



Lubrication is the lifestyles giving blood to any paintball marker. Regardless of if you happen to shoot a DM Autococker Ion or Tippmann your marker REQUIRES lubrication. Right through 2006 we at TechT had been messing around with more than a few recipes and combos searching for paintballs easiest lubricant.Our function used to be to provide a SUPER SLICK grease that a wasnt too thick however wasnt too skinny both. We really feel that Gun Sav is that easiest stability.All greases are slick….however these things is tremendous slick. Such a lot greases are thick. For Such a lot paintball programs we really feel that paintball greases are too thick. Its the thickness of any grease that reasons what we name stiction. That is had been the thickness/tackiness of the grease in fact holds the section in a single place. This tackiness slows down your marker and makes for much less con


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