Spyder 9 Round First Strike Capable Paintball Magazine

Straight Magazine
9 Round First StrikeTM or .68 Caliber Paintball Capacity
Guided Ball-Pusher w/ Easy Lock & Load



This 9 Spherical paintball Mag is in a position to load First Strike Spherical into First Strike Suitable Spyder Paintball Weapons such because the MR5, E-MR5 and Hammer 7. It can be used to shoot standard .68cal paintballs within the MRX and MRX Elite. This is similar manufacturing facility Mag package incorporated with the First Strike Able Spyder Marker Kits

Directly Mag
9 Spherical First StrikeTM or .68 Quality Paintball Capability
Guided Ball-Pusher w/ Simple Lock & Load
Suitable w/ E-MR5TM, MR5TM, Hammer 7TM to shoot First StrikeTM & .68 Quality Paintballs
Suitable w/ MRXTM & MRXTM Elite to shoot .68 Quality Paintballs Most effective