MILSIG PsiOps QDSM Quick Disconnect Pin M17



The QDSM ( Fast Disconnect and Sling Mount ) offers a couple of both physical and function advantages that allows you to assist your game. Primarily, the QDSM gets rid of the wish to use cotter pins to carry your HeatCore in place. As an alternative, the use of a folding tab not to best lock the HeatCore pins in place, but to supply tension to the core in its mounted position. Our indepth checking out has shown that applying tension to the HeatCore at the same time as installed can scale back the possibilities of misfire, especially when a big tank or heavy stock is installed. Secondarily, the QDSM also offers a brand new sling mount position, which is in some of the sturdiest points of the marker. That is ideal for the ones running the HCS who have got rid of the factory sling mount, in addition to many other applications. The QDSM is made entirely from warmth treated steel, offering a close to indestructible construction. Now not yet appropriate for the SMG. MILSIG Phase # PSI-004


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