KM Straps Paintball Mask Strap

Perfect Replacement Strap
Comfortable and Durable
Fits Most Masks



KM Straps Paintball Mask StrapKM goggle straps would possibly not have compatibility nor be used together with the entire goggles within the paintball business. KM’s nine” and seven” goggle straps are assembled with butterfly ends. You should insert butterfly ends of the straps into the slot where the present straps are put in. Butterfly ends should be utterly inserted in the course of the slots for right kind use. Bodily abuse to or misuse of the product would possibly result in malfunction and/or damage. Wisdom of the correct use of this product is a pre-requisite to buy and resale. Paintball is an active recreation and goggles should be worn all the time all through play.

Best possible Replacement Strap
At ease and Sturdy
Fits Such a lot Mask


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