Berserk- Beherit 2016- Blue Eyes Eclipse

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Product Description

The Blue opened eyes highlight the Beherit’s vitality, enhanced by a highly precise coloring technique.
Our professional artisans will hand-craft the Beherit’s blue eyes layer by layer to supply the best quality.
You’ll appreciate the graphic detail within the eyes each and every time.

In 2016 version, the Beherit has been painted in a more vivid crimson color, giving it a moderate luster and a mild effect.
There may be more refined coloring effect done especially within the best a part of the beherit.
We now have added the pink color gradiations within the higher part.
Likewise, the paint application at the surface that vividly presentations the blood veins makes the Beherit appear alive in each and every detail.
We are hoping this mix will allure you into the sector of Berserk, and likewise provide you with a fresh viewpoint at the Beherit figures.

The metal fittings scratching into the highest of the egg be painted in an antique gold, give this statue a vivid modeling.

Product Information

Materials: Polystone; brown strap (leather) and metal fitting
Size: approx. 40mm; approx. strap length: 80cm
Web Weight: 300 gm
Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR
Attachments: black case
©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
*This can be a figure, no longer an actual pendant and no longer appropriate for dressed in.
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