1,000 Polyurethane Paintball Tank O-Rings (90 Durometer) [1000 RED HPA / CO2 orings]

90 durometer polyurethane offers superior abrasion resistance
For use with all standard co2 and HPA/Air/Nitro tanks used in paintball
Includes 10 packs of 100 tank o-rings (1000 o-rings total)



Those are top of the range, polyurethane tank o-jewelry To be used with paintball CO2, HPA/Nitro tanks. Polyurethane as a subject matter is a lot more abrasion resistant than black buna-nitrile that’s regularly offered as tank o-jewelry. Buna o-jewelry nick and tear whilst screwed into your marker’s ASA, inflicting leaks from the tank. Polyurethane lessens the wish to change this o-ring. 90 durometer polyurethane is probably the most abrasion resistant o-ring subject matter utilized in paintball.
90 durometer polyurethane gives awesome abrasion resistance
To be used with all same old co2 and HPA/Air/Nitro tanks utilized in paintball
Comprises 10 packs of 100 tank o-jewelry (one thousand o-jewelry overall)